Sruthi and Prashanth

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Our Story

Welcome! The creation of this website was delegated to the handsome groom, Prashanth (me), who procrastinated until this very moment. I asked Sruthi for input, who helpfully replied "Say I'm the best!" At this point, I knew that the creative integrity of this website would fall on me alone. After several seconds to a minute of intensive brainstorming, I realized that if you are on this website, you probably already know us, and don't need a cheesy spiel as an introduction. To that end, here is a quick FAQ instead:

How did you two meet?
I initially consulted Sruthi over the phone on one of my patients during intern year of residency. She was quick to point out my wildly inaccurate eye exam -- "there were retinal hemorrhages everywhere!" We then met in person later on at a house party (chez Albert and Augustine Hong), where I performed my unplugged rendition of Remix to Ignition on the acoustic guitar. I knew she fell for my charm when she gave me her real phone number.

Did you tell her that you were a doctor?
Yes. However, given that she is as well, the intended effect was non-existent.

How is Portland, OR?
It's awesome, please come visit!

Do you have a gift registry?
We decided against a gift registry since we will likely be moving again next summer, so no boxed gifts please!

When will Sruthi be done with fellowship?

What is your wedding hashtag? Because that is what all the kids are doing these days.

Is Sruthi the best?
Phrosne Ras